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Creating a natural-looking dental implant replacement for an anterior front tooth can be one of the most challenging cases to treat, as aesthetics is so important here. Our patient opted to replace his broken down front tooth with a dental implant, as he did not want a removable denture option. So what did we do? […]

Which Whitening System is Right for me?

Here are some startling statistics about how we perceive our teeth. •28% of people don’t smile for pictures on social media because they feel their teeth are unattractive. •81% of people believe that their teeth look unattractive in photographs. •42% of people said their smile was the first thing they would change about themselves. The […]

Why We Use ClearCorrect, versus any other aligners

Here at Indigo Dental, we proudly provide ClearCorrect aligners to straighten teeth. You may be wondering why we choose to use ClearCorrect instead of the many other aligner systems on the market, such as Invisalign, Smilelign, Clear Smile Aligner, Cfast SmileTru and many more! Below are the top five reasons you should choose ClearCorrect precise […]

Diamond Clean using Airflow Technology

Enjoy unrivalled fresh clean feeling and say goodbye to the stains with our latest technology in teeth polishing. Tea and coffee drinkers will no doubt be aware of the effect these beverages can have on your teeth. Teeth that used to be white end up looking brown. Smokers will experience a similar result. Our state […]

Teeth Whitening, What is Involved?

As we get so many teeth whitening enquiries, we wanted to outline the steps involved, to make it really straight forward for our patients. Let’s go!     Full Dental Health Examination with the dentist. This is of utmost importance, as we need to assess if you are suitable for teeth whitening. In some cases, […]

Smile Makeover with Natural Results

I recently saw a lovely patient who expressed her concerns about smiling in photographs. She had retired and was spending more time with her family and friends. She told me she never smiled in pictures, as she was self-conscious about her upper front teeth. I took some photographs and set about devising a plan for […]

Teeth Whitening: the good, the bad and the ugly

Teeth Whitening is one of the most popular treatments done here at Indigo Dental. You may be wondering why, and the answer is simple. It can give you a fantastic improvement to your smile, without any injections, drills, damage to your teeth, and is really straight forward to do. But what if your teeth whitening […]