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Composite Bonding To Transform Your Smile

SmileFast is the ground-breaking new development in Smile Design and the Provision of Smile Makeovers. What was once an overwhelming and complicated

Composite Bonding To Transform Your Smile2021-01-31T17:01:57+00:00

CBCT X-Ray Images

Dental CBCT, what is this? A dental CBCT scan has become a crucial tool that can be instrumental when considering complex treatments

CBCT X-Ray Images2020-12-07T12:34:36+00:00

Which Whitening System is Right for me?

Here are some startling statistics about how we perceive our teeth. •28% of people don’t smile for pictures on social media because

Which Whitening System is Right for me?2020-10-28T11:33:04+00:00

What is Botox Treatment? Is it Safe?

What is Botox? Botox is fermented by the bacteria (clostridium botulinum) that cause botulism. In its native, unrefined form, if swallowed, the

What is Botox Treatment? Is it Safe?2020-06-30T13:32:59+00:00

Talking about Our WHY

Here at Indigo Dental, everything we do is based around the highest level of patient care.   We have created a golden

Talking about Our WHY2020-07-30T10:53:38+00:00
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