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Dr Sanaa Kader, our Principal Dentist, is an experienced dentist who also carries out Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics. This is her blog about Facial Aesthetics.

My philosophy is to ensure that all patients receive a detailed consultation, offering them all the options available, so they make an informed decision about their healthcare.


You may be wondering why a dentist would be working in non-surgical facial aesthetics.

The truth is that dentists are actually ideally placed to perform such treatments, since they have undergone 5 years of undergraduate education focusing on just the face, never mind the postgraduate training that follows!

A large part of what dentists learn involves not just teeth, but also the anatomical structures allied to the mouth, as well as providing oral treatment that is in proportion to the patient’s face. Dentists have many years of experience administering pain-free injections.

Dentists, just like any other healthcare professional that patients see on a regular basis, are in the fortunate position of being able to build rapport and therefore trust. Who better than, for our patients seeking non-surgical facial aesthetic treatment, to deliver it when that all-important trust is already there?


Dr Sanaa Kader


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