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Injectable treatments, such as Botox and dermal fillers, are now widely available in the UK, and used appropriately these treatments can provide significant aesthetic benefits. Sadly, regulations regarding the administration of these treatments are lacking.

It is tempting, as a consumer, to search for the cheapest options. However, in the aesthetics industry, this can be dangerous.

High quality injectable products from reputable manufacturers are rigorously tested and require approval. These products are expensive but proven to be extremely safe. Providers offering prices that look too good to be true may well be because they are using unlicensed and potentially dangerous products.

At Indigo Dental, we only use the safest and most natural products which are FDA approved and have been used successfully and safely by clinicians for decades. The lips can be a sensitive area to treat, but thanks to the numbing cream and products which contain anaesthetic qualities, any discomfort is minimal. The results of lip augmentation usually last for 6 – 12 months.

Our preference is to use a MICROCANNULA to provide dermal fillers, as this is safer and more predictable, with less risk of swelling, bruising and infection afterwards.

What is a microcannula?
A microcannula, simply referred to as a “cannula,” is a thin, flexible hollow tube with a blunt round tip on one end.
What are the advantages of a microcannula ?
There are far less risks with a micro-cannula since it has a blunt tip and won’t typically cause as much bruising.
Patients also experience less pain and discomfort with microcannula injections. Lastly (and most importantly), microcannulas are SAFER, as the chances of directly injecting a vessel are very much reduced.
Is a microcannula suitable for every situation?
The decision to use a microcannula depends on the preference of the injector. I personally prefer to use it as much as possible, especially in higher risk areas where the risk of complications is higher.
When would a needle be used?
Needles are still used routinely, as a small needle allows for more control and accuracy, particularly in areas that require a great deal of precision.
As an experienced practitioner, every case is different, and the decision about microcannula and needle will be taken following a face to face consultation, and discussion of your concerns and personal preferences.
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Facial rejuvenation appointments at Indigo Dental in Leeds.

A full facial consultation with gentle, and highly experienced clinician Dr Sanaa Kader will begin your journey. You can ask any questions and express any worries or concerns you may have. We are here to help you achieve the smile and the confidence you deserve. To book in, or to find out more, call us on 0113 263 2960 or send an e-mail to [email protected]Alternatively send us a WhatsApp to 07712500434 and we can help.

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