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Have you considered straightening your teeth? Did you have braces when you were younger, only to be frustrated with them moving back?

Here at Indigo Dental, we offer innovative Aligners by ClearCorrect to enable you to get the smile you deserve!



Please take a few moments to watch the video on our ClearCorrect page for more information on the process.

Everyone would like a  bright smile with uniform, even teeth. If your teeth aren’t straight or you have another issue like a gap between your teeth, you’re likely considering ways to make your smile more attractive. This could involve straightening your teeth, teeth whitening, composite bonding, tooth reshaping or crowns. 

We are proud to have transformed many smiles, with the use of Clear Aligners to move teeth discreetly, predictably and with ease. Clear Aligners fit in perfectly with your lifestyle, meaning they are a suitable option for everyone.

Here are three big advantages of clear aligners over traditional braces.

1.They’re invisible

The most obvious advantage of clear aligners is that they’re invisible. 

If you’re in a highly visible occupation, such as sales or marketing, you ideally want to make a favourable impression on each new contact, and your appearance is a big part of that. Looking and feeling your best is crucial here. 

No matter where you work, a professional appearance with a friendly smile goes a long way toward forming important work and personal relationships, and can boost your confidence massively. Clear aligners enable you to retain that great smile while having your teeth straightened. 

2. Can be removed for meals

You can simply pop your aligners out and put them in a small carrying case when you’re ready to eat. Aligners enable you to continue to eat all of your favourite foods, ensuring minimum impact upon your lifestyle. No more worrying about the next curry night’s impact on your braces!

3. Easier to keep clean

Because you can remove your clear aligners, you can care for your teeth very thoroughly.  Simply continue your regular brushing and flossing routine, ensuring that you do this after every meal. 

4. Predictability due to digital technology

Thanks to digital technology, we can predict the outcome of your treatment even before we get started. No more messy dental impressions, and peace of mind knowing what the results will look like.

5. Suitable for most types of crowding or spacing

We can treat all of the below problems with ClearCorrect treatment.

If this interests you, please call us on 0113 263 2960, or email us on [email protected] and we can provide you with further information.



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