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6 ways to improve your smile for summer

Summer is smile season – packed with holidays, parties and social gatherings – so you want your teeth to look their best. Having a radiant smile boosts your confidence and leaves a lasting impression on others. When the cameras come out at a summer wedding or event, your pearly whites need to be perfect. Luckily, […]

Composite Bonding To Transform Your Smile

SmileFast is the ground-breaking new development in Smile Design and the Provision of Smile Makeovers. What was once an overwhelming and complicated procedure, has now been simplified with the SmileFast technology to help you achieve the smile of your dreams with as little worry and stress as possible. You are only one step away from […]

Smile Makeover with Natural Results

I recently saw a lovely patient who expressed her concerns about smiling in photographs. She had retired and was spending more time with her family and friends. She told me she never smiled in pictures, as she was self-conscious about her upper front teeth. I took some photographs and set about devising a plan for […]