Indigo Dental has pledged to support the charity Bloomin Yorkshire, which supports Kidney Research UK.

The idea came about when one of our patient’s mentioned her sister was waiting for a transplant and was on dialysis, and the many health issues that are associated with this.

Hearing her story, we decided that we would support the charity, and get involved in the fight against kidney disease.


Kidney disease is a silent killer, there are three million people in the UK with it right now and there is no cure.

People with end-stage kidney failure are reliant on dialysis or a transplant to stay alive, but neither of these guarantee a ‘happy ever after’.

The money raised will go back directly into research to eradicate this disease.

So please do your bit for charity.

Like our Facebook page- £1 donated
Check into Indigo Dental- £1 donated
Leave us a review – £1 donated