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akp dentures

If you have a plastic denture that covers the roof of your mouth, you will know all too well that it can alter the taste of food, cause gagging, and is likely to need denture adhesive to aid with retention.

A good option if you’re not quite ready for dental implants yet, is an Ultaire denture, as seen in this image.

The advantage over metal dentures is no visible unsightly metal clasps!
It covers very little of the palate, is much thinner and lighter than a plastic plate, and utilises your own teeth to click into place with clasps.

Recent research done at the University of Leeds by Professor Brian Nattress concluded that 80% of denture wearers wanted to wear their Ultaire denture rather than go back to wearing their metal ones, due to a significant improvement in oral health related quality of life. Link to article here

Talk to your dentist to see if an Ultaire denture might be an option for you.

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