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Following recent guidance from NHS England and the Department of Health, dental practices have been advised to STOP AEROSOL SPRAYS and PRIORITISE URGENT TREATMENT.

As well as reducing risk to staff and patients, this will also prevent unnecessary travel in an attempt to reduce virus transmission.

NHS England is in the process of setting up Local Urgent Care Centres, but the details have not yet been released. 

If you have tried contacting us this week, you will have got through to a message on our answering machine, advising that we are now closed, and are only able to see dental emergencies.

Many of our patients however have dental problems that maybe do not quite fit the criteria for a true dental emergency, but still require attention.

Please find below some advice on how you can manage dental issues at home until we can see you in the surgery.












Wisdom Teeth




Pain or Bleeding After Extraction



Urgent dental treatment

Straight to A&E

If you have any queries, or would like to speak to someone about a dental problem, please e-mail on [email protected]

Stay safe and health everyone. We look forward to seeing all our patients again once this pandemic is over.

Dr Sanaa Kader. 26/03/2020

Credit to Becky Davies for this information.

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