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Here at Indigo Dental, we are proud to say that keeping up with digital advances is crucial to us.Dentist Leeds

Our practice owner embraced digital x-rays when she took over the practice in 2016 almost straight away, and arranged the IT infrastructure to allow real time backups of patient data to be done via a cloud server.

We also invested in electronic motors for root canal treatment, rather than using hand instruments, which improves the experience for our patients, but also provides a higher success rate.

In 2018 we decided we wanted to become a paperless practice due to environmental reasons, and so we invested in Clinipads, a way for our patients to sign all required documentation electronically on a device, rather than on paper. This has been hugely successful, and now we cannot imagine going back to paper!

In 2019, the digital age really matured, and in came our digital scanner. This scanner is able to replace conventional impressions, which can be messy and difficult to tolerate! It is now an essential part of our practice, and has really helped us carry out many more smile transformations, with minimal invasions to our patients.

And now in May 2020, we are super excited to announce that we are able to offer video consultations to our patients. We are using dedicated software, which has an Artificial Intelligence basis to allow us to provide you with a report on what options we could consider for you, all from the safety and comfort of your own home.

We look forward to continuing this journey, and are grateful to all our patients who have done and will continue to travel on this journey with us. Thank you

Dr Sanaa Kader
BChD (Hons), MJDF RCS (Eng)
Principal Dentist / Owner


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